PC-3000 Flash. The Main Data Correction Methods to Recover Data from NAND Flash Devices with the Maximum Success Rate

Hello everybody!

Last week we have discussed how to make the first steps in NAND Flash data recovery with the PC-3000 Flash during the ACE Lab Free Webinar. Following up, we have prepared for you this article about the vital procedures for recovering Flash cases. This topic will be especially interesting for beginners in NAND Flash data recovery who want to learn how to deal with NAND Flash in the most efficient and the smartest way. For already experienced data recovery specialists, this article can serve as a handy checklist on the main data correction methods while dealing with Flash cases.

Firstly, we are going to discuss ECC Correction and Rereading of invalid sectors.

Part 1. Theoretical. ECC.
During NAND memory chip reading, some bit errors may appear. The number of bit errors depends on the following factors:

►Type of the NAND memory chip (SLC, MLC, TLC, QLC)
►Cleanliness of the contacts (dirty chips are usually read worse)
►Temperature influence (high temperature during c..