Cross-site scripting vulnerability in Canon laser printers and small office multifunctional printers (LBP162L/LBP162, MF4890dw, MF269dw/MF265dw/MF264dw/MF262dw, MF249dw/MF245dw/MF244dw/MF242dw/MF232w, and MF229dw/MF224dw/MF222dw sold in Japan, imageCLASS MF Series (MF113W/MF212W/MF217W/MF227DW/MF229DW, MF232W/MF244DW/MF247DW/MF249DW, MF264DW/MF267DW/MF269DW/MF269DW VP, and MF4570DN/MF4570DW/MF4770N/MF4880DW/MF4890DW) and imageCLASS LBP Series (LBP113W/LBP151DW/LBP162DW ) sold in the US, and iSENSYS (LBP162DW, LBP113W, LBP151DW, MF269dw, MF267dw, MF264dw, MF113w, MF249dw, MF247dw, MF244dw, MF237w, MF232w, MF229dw, MF217w, MF212w, MF4780w, and MF4890dw) and imageRUNNER (2206IF, 2204N, and 2204F) sold in Europe) allows remote attackers to inject an arbitrary script via unspecified vectors.


The Paid Memberships Pro WordPress plugin before 2.6.7 does not escape the discount_code in one of its REST route (available to unauthenticated users) before using it in a SQL statement, leading to a SQL injection


The IP2Location Country Blocker WordPress plugin before 2.26.6 does not have CSRF check in the ip2location_country_blocker_save_rules AJAX action, allowing attackers to make a logged in admin block arbitrary country, or block all of them at once, preventing users from accessing the frontend.


The Privacy Policy Generator, Terms & Conditions Generator WordPress Plugin : WPLegalPages WordPress plugin before 2.7.1 does not check for authorisation and has a flawed CSRF logic when saving its settings, allowing any authenticated users, such as subscriber, to update them. Furthermore, due to the lack of sanitisation and escaping, it could lead to Stored Cross-Site Scripting


The Ivory Search WordPress plugin before 5.4.1 does not escape some of the Form settings, which could allow high privilege users to perform Cross-Site Scripting attacks even when the unfiltered_html capability is disallowed.


The Translate WordPress with GTranslate WordPress plugin before 2.9.7 does not sanitise and escape the body parameter in the url_addon/gtranslate-email.php file before outputting it back in the page, leading to a Reflected Cross-Site Scripting issue. Note: exploitation of the issue requires knowledge of the NONCE_SALT and NONCE_KEY