A CWE-352: Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) vulnerability exists on the web server used, that could cause a leak of sensitive data or unauthorized actions on the web server during the time the user is logged in. Affected Products: Modicon M340 CPUs: BMXP34 (All Versions), Modicon Quantum CPUs with integrated Ethernet (Copro): 140CPU65 (All Versions), Modicon Premium CPUs with integrated Ethernet (Copro): TSXP57 (All Versions), Modicon M340 ethernet modules: (BMXNOC0401, BMXNOE01, BMXNOR0200H) (All Versions), Modicon Quantum and Premium factory cast communication modules: (140NOE77111, 140NOC78*00, TSXETY5103, TSXETY4103) (All Versions)

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