A CWE-200: Information Exposure vulnerability exists that could cause sensitive information of files located in the web root directory to leak when an attacker sends a HTTP request to the web server of the device. Affected Product: Modicon M340 CPUs: BMXP34 (Versions prior to V3.40), Modicon M340 X80 Ethernet Communication Modules: BMXNOE0100 (H), BMXNOE0110 (H), BMXNOC0401, BMXNOR0200H RTU (All Versions), Modicon Premium Processors with integrated Ethernet (Copro): TSXP574634, TSXP575634, TSXP576634 (All Versions), Modicon Quantum Processors with Integrated Ethernet (Copro): 140CPU65xxxxx (All Versions), Modicon Quantum Communication Modules: 140NOE771x1, 140NOC78x00, 140NOC77101 (All Versions), Modicon Premium Communication Modules: TSXETY4103, TSXETY5103 (All Versions)

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